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We focus on your goals and provide  trust administration and trust services.  We also serve as executor and provide estate administration, and manage complex assets. 

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  • Trust Administration

 Trusts are written agreements that spell out the rules for how you want your property and assets held for the benefit of you and other beneficiaries. These beneficiaries may be your family members, friends or favorite charities. Too often people who self-manage their trusts find the administrative work cumbersome. We have more than a decade of experience managing trusts.

  • Trustee

Once a trust is established, someone must be responsible for following the rules spelled out in the trust agreement. That person is the trustee. Many people who have established a trust are not willing to administer them because of age, capacity or other interests. With our in-depth experience, Central Coast Trust can serve as trustee and make sure the trust is performing as you designed it.

  • Receiver

Central Coast Trust has significant experience managing complex assets,

including unimproved land, commercial properties, residential properties and collectibles.

We have facilitated numerous transactions during the past three decades worth many

millions of dollars. 

  • Private Foundation Administration

People establish private foundations to help them make a difference in the world.

Families frequently find that the foundation instills the value of charitable giving in their

children and grandchildren. These families create powerful legacies! Because foundations

are nonprofits, they have regulations that must be followed. Our in-depth experience will enable  you spend less on administration so there is more for giving grants.

  • Executor & Administrator

 Not all family members are able or willing to serve as executor of their parents' or siblings' estates. Work and family pressures have priority. Furthermore, old sibling rivalries can cause conflict and alienation during the estate settlement process. Although well-intentioned, estate settlement can be more expensive and time consuming than necessary when you appoint a relative as executor of your estate. If you have named a relative or friend as executor, Central Coast Trust can be appointed the administrator of the estate, which means we serve as the staff for the executor. This is often important when there is real estate and other complex assets involved and the executor does not live nearby.

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